Whether you choose to stay on Crooked Pine Lake, Big Pine Lake or try your luck on any of the surrounding lakes, one thing is sure, you’re in store for one of the most memorable fishing trips you’ve ever experienced.

The waters in our area abound with northern pike, muskie, walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, and slab crappies.

We encourage our guests to practice catch-and-release on the larger fish so the legacy of these lakes continues to sustain themselves while giving future guests the opportunity to experience the chance of catching these great game fish.

Many People Come to Arrowhead for the
Great Walleye Fishing We Offer.

Walleye fishing is good during most months and depending on the weather can be excellent throughout the summer too. Normally, fishermen start off in the Spring with the minnows & artificial lures and then as the season goes along move onto nightcrawlers, then onto the leaches, and then back to the minnows & nightcrawlers again. Many years we see more walleyes caught in the 19-22″ range, which means the population is growing and is being sustained as many of these same fish are being caught and released.

For those wishing to try out surrounding waters, our guests have access to some of Northern Ontario’s most incredible fishing waters, including Crow Lake and Lake of the Woods (Sabaskong Bay and Whitefish Bay).

Join us at Arrowhead Resort & Motel for your next unforgettable fishing trip!

Monica Holding Up Walleye Caught Fishing On Lake

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