The Canada/U.S. border remains closed to non-essential travel. This current closure is in effect until May 18, 2020.  Our resort is expected to be closed through at least May. Guests with current bookings into June are encouraged to consider an alternative date farther into the season. Expect an update through media sometime around May 10th-20th. REMEMBER: Wash your hands frequently, wear your mask, and maintain a 6 foot distance between yourself and others!

(as of MAY 4, 2020)
Many lakes are ice-free and open, as are several bays throughout Lake of the Woods. Lake of the Woods is expected to be fully open this week. In the Minaki area, Gun Lake and the back bays of Little Sand Lake and Big Sand Lake are expected to be open this week as well.
2020 WATER LEVELS (as of 5/6/20)
(Source: Lake of the Woods Control Board website)
The current level of Lake of the Woods is 322.63 metres (1058.5 ft),
a 50th percentile level for this time of year. The average lake level increased by 3 cm (1 in) over the past week, and is expected to increase by 1.5 - 4 cm (0.5 - 1.5 in) over the next week. Lake of the Woods authorized outflow was decreased from 475 to 455 m³/s on Friday, May 1.
Lake of the Woods Control Board website -
Water Levels on the Winnipeg River and connecting lakes are also down substantially.


                                              ***ARROWHEAD RESORT & MOTEL’S 2nd ANNUAL NEWSLETTER*** (Dec 2019)

Happy Holidays Friends & Family! How is it possible that we ended our 6th season already? Thanks to all our wonderful guests, we are happy to report it was a busy and productive season, and not just for us! Not once did I hear "Where are the fish?" I know we have some really good fishermen (and ladies), but it seemed all of the stars were aligned this summer as there were only a couple of weeks that the fishing wasn't ideal and folks were bringing in their supper or freezing fish to take home for that winter fish fry. That wasn't the case on some of the other lakes by the way, so we were thrilled to see and hear this from you (photos shared below). There was a 3 week span with no water going over the Falls this year. It was disheartening to see the Falls dry as it's definitely a focal point not only for tourists, but for everyone in the area to enjoy.

Just in time! With the temps being a tad warm this year at times, it was none too early getting the A/C units into cabins 5, 6 & 8 this Spring (making it so all of our cabins (except 9/10 due to the rebuild plans) had air). We're glad to have this option for our guests on those days that opening cabin windows just doesn't do the job. You may have noticed this season that new siding was put on cabins 1 & 7, some new pine ceilings in your cabin bedroom or bathroom, new flooring in cabin 6 kitchen & bathroom, as well as into 2 motel rooms, a new deluxe boat/motor, or possibly you saw Monte and Jason up re-roofing cabin 5. We're thankful to be able to get these done, but lots more to check off the "honey-do list". As most of you know, the biggest project is the demolition and rebuild of cabins 9 & 10. Due to some untimely bad weather, things got delayed a bit after breaking ground, but as of the date of this letter, we're happy to report that the adjoining cabins are now enclosed (windows & doors in and metal roof on) and the contractor's awaiting the electrician before beginning work inside for the winter. I know everyone (including us) are very excited to see the final product. Jason's also working this winter in the motel putting in new flooring so that will be a nice change as well. As we receive updated photos ourselves, they'll be shared on Facebook.

We find the best part of Arrowhead Resort to be the time families are spending together and the memories they're making. We love watching the families with young children get situated into their boats early in the mornings and pull away from the docks, certain with anticipated excitement as to who will get the biggest fish for the day. On another day, we find ourselves as part of the extended family of a very special couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary; all while secretly conspiring with their family to make the renewal of their vows, the best darn lake wedding and celebration ever. Cherished family memories....

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Stay healthy and count down those days til we have the pleasure of seeing you all again in the upcoming 2020 season!

                                                    Monte & Tammy McCleerey

For all bookings til May 1st, please call us at 515-360-8940 or you can contact us via email:

Construction of Cabin 9 and 10      

Pic of Cabins 9/10 Rebuild                        An unbelievable Walleye catch Terri!



     A great day Crappie fishing!                                      This Muskie has met it's match!                                      

                                      ***ARROWHEAD RESORT & MOTEL’S FIRST ANNUAL NEWSLETTER (Dec 2018)***

Happy Holidays Friends & Family! We just finished our 5th season as resort owners, so, what better way to show our appreciation and take a walk down memory lane, then to do a Newsletter for all of our faithful followers and for those yet to-be guests at Arrowhead.

2018 was another banner year for bookings and we appreciate that beyond words. We again were blessed to see a really good mixture of new and returning guests staying with us. It’s always great to see guests from previous years and wonderful to hear their comments about the changes/upgrades we’ve been making to the cabins/motel. As corny as it sounds, each week is like looking forward to a new & fun-filled family reunion for us & we love it!

A fire ban in the area welcomed us back the 1st of May. We finally got some rain the latter part of May and were able to enjoy time around the fire pit roasting marshmallows before another fire ban was announced later in the summer. This one banned even controlled fire pits, gas grills & charcoal grills. Fires can be devastating, so we are thankful that our guests respect the grounds and this beautiful place along with us. What is that old adage? “Not having it all the time will make us appreciate it that much more.” Sure does. The weather was certainly a tad backwards it seemed, but we believe it’s a 1st when we tell you that the dry spell caused the Nestor Falls to have “No Falls” for a few weeks. Yep! No water flowing from our lake over to the Lake of the Woods! Seems unbelievable, but true, however, it started gushing after a two week straight rain fall mid-September. We were happy to see the water flowing again, but dropping from 85 degrees to 40 and constant cold rains did a good job of putting a halt on the further projects/ improvements we had planned. Some of the 2018 improvements that we were able to squeeze in were: new water system for the resort, including pump, pressure tanks & filter system; new wi-fi system that was able to reach out to all points at the resort (we heard a lot of positive feedback on that one!); purchased another deluxe boat and a lighter weight 13’ boat for those guests wanting to portage up to Wig Wam. We currently don’t have a motor for the 13’ boat, but have heard from a few guests that they may bring their own small motor just to rent this boat and try going into this portage (Bet it’s fun back there…. as long as the water level is higher than it was this year that is.); new steel roof on cabin laundry/public restroom building; and we put new A/C units in 3 more cabins (3 more are planned for 2019 season).

FISHERMEN’S FINDS:                      

Although the crappie fishing was slower in the Springtime this year, it was really good for August-mid September (until the temps plunged down to 40 deg.).  

Walleye fishing was really good all summer on our lake. Fishermen started off in the Spring with the minnows & artificial lures, then moved onto the nightcrawlers, then onto the leaches, and then back to the minnows & nightcrawlers again. This year there were more walleyes caught in the 19-22" range, which is great to see; even better since our guests released most of those same walleyes.


It’s no surprise Northerns were biting, but guests found they were smaller ones ranging from 18-22”; and quite a few in the mid 30” range; and a couple above 40”.  Largest we heard tell was 42”.

Musky in our lake is still a nicely kept secret to many, so when Kevin M. reeled in this nice 40” Musky within the first 30 minutes on the water (and his very first time fishing our lake), he was thrilled & couldn’t believe it. Beginners luck? Guess he’ll have to come back & find out, huh?

For those guests fishing for the small mouth bass, they did pretty well catching them up to 4 lb down in Big Pine, but for those a little more adventurous who made their way over to Clarkson, they caught fish up to 22” (approx. 6lb).

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FOR A LITTLE MORE ADDED COMFORT: Feel free to bring along some of your own electrical conveniences, such as an electric fry pan, fish fryer, small portable gas grill, hair dryer, clock radio, etc. WHAT TO BRING: Bring your tackle, landing net, minnow bucket, scales & fillet knife. Our docks are equipped with electricity, but it might be handy to bring an extension cord. Don't forget life jackets! A small first aid kit, warm & light apparel, rain gear, bug spray, sun glasses, a hat/cap & sunscreen for protection. For bath/kitchen, it's a good idea to pack a couple of inside extension cords, paper towels, napkins, tin foil, seran wrap, kleenex, extra rolls of toilet paper, and kitchen garbage bags (each cabin has 2 starter TP & garbage bags). Remember, your vacation is your reward for working hard all year, so relax, make some new friends and enjoy yourself. Don't forget to take lots of great photos while you're here. Please don't forget about sharing those unforgettable moments with us so we can post on social media for all to see. LOCAL AVAILABILITY: We can arrange for guides for fishing or a fly out for a day by one of our fly out services. Minnows, fishing equipment and fishing licenses are available nearby.  We are close to a grocery store and gift shop for any items you may wish to purchase. We also have some really good eating places close by as well.


For your convenience, we have completed a list of FAQ's and links to website that you may want to look over while planning your stay at Arrowhead.

Passports: Online information from your postal service or going into your local post office is a great way to find the information you're looking for to apply for either a Passport or a Passport Card (a Passport Card is significantly less in cost, but does limit you to land travel to Canada & Mexico only), but you can also google to get an online application form, the required fees to accompany your new or renewal passport applications), helpful checklist of items to think about before crossing the border.

Everything You need To Know About Your Trip To Canada

Prohibited Foods: Travellers are required to declare any food, plants or animals they plan to bring into Canada with them. Some of these items are prohibited or regulated because they may carry foreign animal and plant pests and diseases. Refer to Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) @


january 31st-february 2nd
- Cedar Rapids Sportshow
doubletree by hilton, cedar rapids convention COMPLEX
350 1st ave. ne, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

February 22nd & 23rd- Fisherman's Swap Meet & Boat Show
Iowa State Fairgrounds
Des Moines, Iowa

March 13th-15th - Eastern Iowa Sports Show
UNI-DOME @ University of Northern Iowa
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chippewa valley expo center @ 5150 old mill plaza